Words & Pictures

ME WALKING WITHIN Bruce Nauman's sculpture "Square Depression," Münster, 2007.  Finding this Nauman work at the once-a-decade Skulptur Projekte in Münster occasioned my essay, "Waiting for Nauman," as this work was at last an image from Samuel Beckett's novel The Unnamable  that I could visualize.

Photo: Rebecca Smith.

"They look down upon him… he’ll have to climb to meet them. The slopes are gentle that meet where he lies…. grey to begin with… a nice grey, of a kind recommended as going with everything, urinous and warm." [The Unnamable, p. 358]

THIS IS THE TITLE PAGE for the copy of Ulysses I read in Dublin in 1975, with Professor James Mays guiding the way. The notes scribbled thereon are the names for the 18 chapters—or episodes—in the novel, as Joyce used these Homeric titles in his letters and in discussion with early interpreters of the work. I see I scribbled my address in Leeds from two years later. There are many more addresses of mine that could be entered in this book as I am still reading it.